As Felicity Spa & Wellness you can stay in shape by running all the muscles of your body without spending too much effort by swimming exercises with our pool service. We have briefly outlined below how the experts doctors and many health experts have created reactions in our bodies. The positive effects and benefits of swimming in our bodies are:


  • Research shows that regular swim has very positive effects on cardiovascular system. Coronary heart disease is less common in people doing regular swimming workouts and their chances of having a heart attack are low. It also helps to reduce a number of substances that cause clogging of the heart and brain vessels.
  • The effect of swimming on the musculoskeletal system is found in the body of "Swimmer's Body". Regular swimming exercises both strengthen muscles and play a very important role in the development of body coordination.
  • While swimming, joints and ligaments are less difficult than any sport. For this reason, the rate of injury and injury in water exercise is 90% less than on land exercises. For this reason, muscles, joints or skeletal system is the only sport recommended by the doctors for those who have any discomfort.
  • Another benefit that distinguishes swimming from other sports is that it is a sport that everyone can do without danger if they are learned whatever their age and weight. For example, any kind of exercise by overweight people can damage the skeletal and muscular system, while the activity in the aquatic environment reduces the gravitational force which is exerted on that individual to a great extent, thus providing risk free exercise.
  • Regular swimming training reduces smoking and alcohol habits and also prevents obesity. Pregnancy and preterm delivery are significantly lower in women who perform swimming training before and during pregnancy.
  • Another interesting research shows that regular physical activities, including swimming, increase the insulin sensitivity of diabetic patients, which results in less insulin requirements for the patient. 7. The most important feature that distinguishes swimming from land is that it can easily be done by individuals who have physical problems at the same time that restrict or prevent them from doing their land sports.
  • The benefits of swimming to the nervous system and human psychology do not end with count. When combined with the endorphin hormone secreted after exercise, which we feel when we enter the water, psychological and nervous relaxation will give you the feeling that you can not give another exercise.
  • In particular, the development of children in the development period, sportive, confident, ambitious, high concentration and adaptation to any job, disciplined, programmed, active and successful individuals are important contributors.
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